Whole gardens or just one area can be re-designed. We are happy to come and discuss your requirements and find solutions which won’t break the bank.


We can devise a whole planting scheme from scratch or inject some vibrancy into your existing layout.

When designing a planting scheme the factors taken into consideration are soil type, sunny & shady areas, eventual size of plant and when plants are in flower.

When all of these elements are taken into consideration the right plants can be selected and planted together to produce a scheme which provides some interest all year.

Construction and Landscaping

Our services include :

  • Raised beds using treated new softwood / reclaimed or new hardwood 
  • Decks made from wood or composite materials 
  • Paths
  • Fences
  • Lawns


We can come for a one-off visit to get your garden back under control or scheduled visits throughout the year.